The Exclusive Dictionary Of Bridal Gowns

It is almost definite that the first priority of a wedding shopping list is the wedding dress. This is totally normal to most brides. There are enormous design choices in the markets for bridal gowns hence a bride is faced with a lot of pressure when picking one. High fashion wedding dresses can be so confusing and this article is out to help you with bridal gown vocabularies. 

Couture dresses

Couture wedding dresses refer to top-notch fashion, designed in silhouettes that fit the exact bride’s body measurements.  A couture dress fits the figure of a bride, her individual taste, and is made of exclusive fabrics and laces. The finishes, embroidery, cuts, and beadings of these gowns are of extremely high quality. Couture wedding dresses need about 6 fittings and a number of toiles during the initial stages of fitting.


This is obviously a skirt with an opening at the anterior side. They require a top and normally lie over another skirt.

Demi Couture gowns

This means semi couture. The gowns are ideal for brides who desire unique designs that do not require toile process. With such a dress, bride can integrate features of other designs and have the wedding dress fitting her size and adjusted accordingly. Demi couture dresses are made by hands and high quality materials that surpass typical gowns.


These are materials or laces that are cut and knit on the main material of the wedding dress. The design forms a spectacular pattern. Applique may also be incorporated to any material on the bodice and skirt of a bridal gown.


This is the best choice for brides who would like adjust their already made designer bridesmaid dresses. The body measurements of the bride are taken carefully and toile is crafted using approximately 4 fittings. In most cases, the bride brings her own material to the designer as well as additional embellishments.


This is a cotton calico dress that is meant to match couture or a made-to-measure wedding gown. Toiles are useful during the primeval stages of fitting and modifications are performed to the toile before the gown is made from a material.

Ready-made gowns

These are also referred to as off-the-rack wedding dresses. A bride visits the store and tries on a gown, and if it fits her, she buys it instantly. If she wants adjustments to be made, she will have to look for a seamstress.

If you are seeking a high fashion wedding dress, use the above vocabulary to ask for the exact dress from a designer. You will also understand what many designers talk about when they chip in some gown jargons in their talk shows.

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