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    Design in clothing is one thing, but creating a written, living record of developments in the world of fashion, both past and present, is quite another.  Whilst chic may by definition be about the here and now, that does not mean it doesn’t have a history.  Sometimes by knowing more about what went before we are able to achieve a better understanding of what makes fashion work, now and in the future.

    I want to shine a light on what is happening today, but also I want to capture a historical perspective.  My objective is to embrace the paradox that is a constant which is forever changing.  Or to put it more simply, the historical concept of trend which consistently throws up new and original ideas in the design and manufacture of the things we like to wear.

    Whether we follow the fashions of today or not many of us will have a favourite period, or even a preference for a particular item of apparel which may once have defined the age but which has since gone out of vogue.  This blog will feature trends in dress from every conceivable angle, from the theory to the practice, and from long-passed history to the present.  That is why I would truly value input from other contributors.

    What You Can Do To Help

    You can help me, and help yourself at the same time.  With some 2,500 visitors weekly, your contribution can include a very handy backlink to your own website or blog, guaranteeing you not only visitors, but visitors with an interest in your own niche and the search engine recognition that comes with a link from a site with authority.

    Meanwhile I gain from your useful article on a topic which is of interest to my readers.  It is a mutually beneficial arrangement from which both of us win.  If you think you might be interested please contact me and we’ll discuss it further.

    What are the Specifications?

    Articles should ideally be between 500 and 800 words long, and laid out in a similar style to the rest of this website and on the relevant topic.  If you want me to acknowledge your authorship then that would be fine by me; if not then it would be perfectly okay to have it published anonymously.  

    Although your article needs to bear some close relation to the topic of fashion, it is perfectly fine for you to approach the subject from more or less any angle.  I welcome diversity as it keeps the blog looking fresh and inspired, and the reader interested.

    Some of the topics that you may wish to cover could include:

    • Fashion Between the Wars
    • The Baby Boomers
    • Whatever Became of Flowers and Flares?
    • Style in the Modern Age – How Has Fashion Changed Over the Last Decade?
    • Trendsetting on a Budget
    • Pop Idols Who Defined the Age
    • Fashion in Film
    • US or UK – Who Leads the Way?