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    My name is Beatrice Taylor, although my friends call me Bee.

    It seems I kept the name Taylor despite having been adopted by family friends when I was only eight years old after I had sadly lost both my parents.  The name was perhaps was fortuitous in the light of the fact that I went on to develop a real interest in clothes and in fashion as I drifted into my early teens.

    It could be that this interest has its roots in a present I received when still a small child – a quaint little sewing kit which got me into a whole lot of trouble when I proceeded to make alterations to my school bag and uniform, much to the chagrin of the school authorities.  I kind of missed the point about a uniform, which is that one person’s should always be the same as the next person’s – hence the name.

    Nevertheless it didn’t deter me nor dampen my enthusiasm.  Today I am a fashion student and my adoptive parents have been wonderfully supportive, often visiting me at my fashion shows.  I know I am so wonderfully lucky, having struggled with ME just a few years ago, to now be well enough and able to pursue my dream

    Clothes Make You What You Are

    Fashions change, but our love for fashion never does.  Whether you are a youngster who has to keep up with all the very latest fads, or a person of more mature years who just wants to remain fresh and relevant, what you wear and are seen wearing is so important.  Clothes make you what you are, as somebody famous once said.

    It is so vital, when making and designing clothes, to know what the latest fashion requires of us.  It can be something blatant and ostentatious, like hot pants at the turn of the 1970s, or a thing as subtle as an extra button on a waistband or a style of belt.  If the design misses the demands of the moment, the whole line of garments misses the proverbial boat.  It really is as simple as that.

    Let’s Build This Great Resource

    Designing fashionable clothes is one thing, writing about them is quite another.  I have so much to say, so many ideas to offer, but the vibrant and interactive fashion blog that I want this to be needs input from other contributors too.  Whether it be in the form of articles, criticism, constructive comment or even just some advertising, turning this into a real team effort is what I aspire to do.

    I have a my own account at Instagram, which you can visit by clicking on the link, or you can subscribe to my newsletter in which I am constantly supplying new fashion ideas and looking for fresh inspiration.  Alternatively, I would love you to write for my blog, providing unique and interesting insights into the latest designs.  So please get in touch, and help me to grow this great and exciting resource into something bigger still.